Friday, February 28, 2020

Project management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 2

Project management - Essay Example The respondents comprise the management, middle- and low-level management staff of a global organization. Confidentiality is afforded the respondents. The values of the particular group of people are one form of influence on the organizational culture. There are two cultural systems present in a global organization, but are essentially separate: the national culture and the corporate or organizational culture. Cultural differences are present in global organizations. Most low-rank employees can be recruited in the country where business is built. These people have their culture apart from the culture in the organization which in turn forms another culture. Managers and employees working in an international environment are obviously subject to the impact of multi-country, regional and global change and dynamism than managers in a single-country operation. Managers should be fully aware of the culture’s values and what behaviors or actions those values support in order to take advantage of an existing cultural system. Employees and managers should develop a deep understanding of how organizational values operate in the firm. The study of multi-cultural influences in an organization is a concern of International HRM. Multiculturalism is an outcome of globalization. These organizations are global in context; meaning their operation, corporate set-up, orientation, are internationalized. The process of decision-making, including strategic decision-making, is clearly influenced by cultural factors. The collection of information, its interpretation, the dynamics of the group making the decision and the contextual constraints under which decision-makers work are all influenced to a greater or lesser degree by the culture of those involved. (Cray & Mallory, 1998, p 71) Communication failure between expatriates and local employees may arise from a number of factors, such as differences with regards to cultural adjustment

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