Friday, January 31, 2020

Domestic Violence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Domestic Violence - Essay Example Several factors do involve why family violence is kept secret by the family members. It is in this way he/she can tolerate his/her acts of family abuse. Domestic violence is also termed as intimate violence. To consider a misdemeanor as domestic violence, there is the requisite of intimacy between the offender and the aggrieved party. Hence, domestic violence is not only true at the doorstep of the family, but to any relationships or affairs as well. There has been a vast campaign against domestic violence since then, most especially to women and children. Women and children are considered as the weakest human being and often entrenched to physical abuse. The prevailing condition of the society imbibed the legitimacy of man’s figure as the superior form of human being which shall maneuver the society. Women’s activist pushed through in establishing the woman’s figure and worth in the society. Furthermore, since there is an implied paternalism, the criminal justic e has lesser focused on domestic violence. This transfiguration has been contested by many individuals to honor and legislate laws and statutes that shall protect and safeguard women and children’s right. Domestic violence has different variations, the most common type is the physical abuse, and the other form is through emotional abuse. Physical abuse entails the use of force or objects in perpetrating the acts. The physical agility of men display their dominance over their partner, thus it is easy for them to inflict harm to their partners. There has been no postulated reason why men usually beat their wives or partners, but some probable cause or motives is due to financial matters. Grassroots families are more likely to be exposed in domestic violence mainly due to financial constraints. Instead of procuring a job, they turn their anger to their

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