Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Innovation (iPhone 3G S) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Innovation (iPhone 3G S) - Essay Example about change in our society and without change the society would cease to exist because there has to be continuous improvement and people should have the urge to become better day by day. There are different levels of innovation or different degrees of innovation; the most basic kind is Incremental Innovation which is innovation by adding minor features to products that already exist, the second level of innovation is. (Bessant, 2007) Radical Innovation which is basically where development of new services takes place or a different way of delivering a service is sought out, the last but the most extreme level of innovation is Discontinuous Innovation where the product or services that are developed have a completely new technology that drives them. Just like there are different degrees of innovation there are different forms of innovation as well, Product innovation relates to the improvement of existing products and services, process innovation relates to the new processes that have been developed for use within organizations, position innovation is when an existing product is introduced to a new group of customers and last but not the least there is paradigm innovation which has to do with development of new services for new groups of users ( Bessant 2007). There are different sources of innovation as well, one major source that is now being recognized is the End User Innovation where companies or individual develop new products or modify existing ones because the ones that are available in the markets are not able to fulfill their needs and hence the fill in the required gap by themselves. The second source of innovation is the Manufacturer Innovation which is where an innovative product or service is developed in order to sell and earn a profit on the sales of the product or the service. (Bijker, 1992) Innovation management is a tool that has to be used in each and every company because ideas seem to stem from everywhere customers, employees and even

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